a process + product partnership

totum.a350 is a partnership dedicated to redefining the design and project delivery process. Its core focus is on the relationship between design execution and its eventual construction. The partnership's dedication to process and product stems from the belief that architecture in its most noble aspiration is crafted from the careful management of intents and expectations in concert with the physical, financial, and legal realities of building. totum.a350 grew out of several years of collaboration between totum and architecture350 attempting to address industry concerns over the cost effective and timely delivery of high quality design. What they discovered was that their clients benefited immensely from their respective strengths and allowed them to extend their already complementary services. It is totum.a350's belief that the successful design and construction of any given project is found through team building and collaboration. Through our tightly managed teams, artisanal execution, and collaborative tools, we assure that the client is an integral member of the team, and that the client's needs and aspirations are holistically met without compromising vision, budget, constructability, and sustainability. Our keen focus on process and product ensures success from the client's perspective and provides:

_Award winning design and construction management capabilities
_Hands-on Principal involvement at every phase of the process
_Principal attention to the detailed execution of construction documents
_Managed vetting of cost, schedule and constructability from initial project visioning to final project completion
_Extensive practical Sustainable Design experience
_Extensive planning, entitlements, and expediting experience
_Client partners
_'Artisinal' architecture that is crafted, tactile, authentic, durable, modern, warm and culturally engaging


Totum is a Los Angeles and Long Beach design and construction management firm that was established to provide fully integrated services such that design and construction inform each other at each and every phase of the project process. Their principal's complementary hands-on approach has served public, private and non-profit clients well as they are able to provide a more comprehensive service that effectively manages tight budgets and schedules. In addition to project delivery expertise, Totum has often been selected for its unique visioning, planning and entitlements skills. Their commitment to unparalleled service has created a multi-disciplinary firm of in-house construction managers, designers, architects, expediters, and contractors who regularly partner with other firms to custom tailor their team to the needs of any given project. As 'Client Partners', Totum facilitates innovative and creative solutions based on real world constraints and an intimate knowledge of construction. Totum means "whole" in Latin and it emphasizes Totum's core belief that a successful project is one where the many facets of any visionary endeavor are holistically balanced and in harmony with our planet.


architecture350 (a350) is a Los Angeles based architecture and development firm steeped in the history of modern design and its sustainable execution. With extensive experience in a variety of project types including residences, multi-unit housing, commercial interiors, high-end screening rooms, educational institutions and restaurant design, a350 and its unique model of principal involvement provides an unsurpassed combination of design thought and practical execution. Through the principal's commitment to 'artisanal' architecture, a350 has developed a crafted approach to construction documentation that comprehensively manages and details the design of a project. Having acted as owner, architect, and developer on a seven unit speculative condominium project, a350 understands the real world demands of budget, schedule, design sophistication and constructability that are necessary for any project to be truly successful in all its facets. a350 is a practice deeply committed to enhancing the built environment through its focused obsession on excellent design efficiently executed in a durable and sustainable manner.